Will We Return To SANER Times?

When Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in our country/country, his campaign slogan was, “Make America Great Again.” What bothered me about this, apart from the qualifications, abilities, attitude and general fitness of the person to work, was that if he really believed in it, it meant that he thought our country was not quite the best. In the world! Rather, again great, after the last three years of his reign and the leadership/influence of our nation and the rest of the world, what we really need now, more than perhaps ever before, is in recent memory, this SANER era. ! With this in mind, this article will attempt to review, investigate, analyze, and briefly discuss, using a mnemonic approach, what this means and why it is relevant, important, and meaningful.

  1. Durable; The system Solutions Serve/serve/serve; Strategies: Instead of abandoning our focus on basics such as climate change mitigation and environmental protection, the current national government seems to be focusing on short-term populist issues, apparently for reasons. Personal/political, and for yourself – for the sake of. This! We need more common sense and a system that focuses on real solutions that serve the real priorities of our world, our country and our citizens! Attention, willpower, skills and discipline are required to look at options and alternatives with an open mind and to propose strategies that will take us into the future and protect future generations!

Attitude; Warning; Smart; Relevance What to do Opportunities: Instead of articulating all the reasons, blaming and complaining, wouldn’t we be better off if our president was positive and looking for a meeting with such a spirit of the best? Our leaders must pay close attention to options and alternatives and be smart enough to use well-developed and relevant skills and the ability to take concrete action to achieve them. We cannot afford future leaders who deny science, but those with commitment and ability who see the best course of action are moving forward!

  1. Needs: What are the needs of our elected officials? In a healthier world, the answer will be automatic: our citizens, the policies of the current government often seem directed against the wealthiest Americans and the largest corporations!

Energy; Effort Your Excellency; Endurance; Enrich; Experience/Knowledge: Good leadership arises from inspiring and motivating energy and efforts to improve and positively enrich our world. If we hope to emphasize common sense, we must choose people based on their experience and knowledge, judgments and, hopefully, wisdom, rather than empty promises and populist rhetoric!

  1. Relevant; Realistically; Responsive/Responsible: Lead this nation through artificial slogans and sonic bytes, often sacrificing, appropriate actions and behaviors to get votes! We need realistic, sympathetic and responsible elected officials who put the interests of the nation, its citizens and the world above any personal/political goals and personal interests!

Now the world needs a lot of leadership, directions and ideas OF SANER! Wake up America and ask for the best before it’s too late!

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