How To Attack This Virus Spiritually At This Time

How do you fight or protect yourself against this COVID-19 virus that is rampant today? Whatever you use or do, it will definitely affect your mood. And while there are many suggestions, there is one that is useful for your mind and has not failed. It’s the perfect way to fight the virus spiritually.

For I will give you mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist – Luke 21:15 (NKJV).

For truly I say to you, anyone who says this sorrow, “Be delighted and thrown into the sea,” and has no doubt in his heart, but believes that everything he says will be done, he will receive what he says. – Mark 11:23 (NKJV).

Many people hear bad messages about this virus and are very afraid. Unfortunately, fear also opens the door to the virus’s penetration. Indeed, fear encourages you to take the wrong action and expose yourself to the virus. However, there is a sure tool that is ideal for fighting coronavirus. It has been used for various purposes in the past and many are using it now and it has not failed. And this tool is your ROT!

Your mouth is not only for eating, it is also a weapon of war that will always bring you victory if you use it correctly with faith. So with your mouth you can protect yourself from this or other virus. This is because you understand what you are saying, and the virus cannot contradict or resist what you say.

Both operations are on the mouth, not on the food

The mouth is both creative and destructive. God created peace with him, and Joshua immobilized the sun with him. Elijah also called for the fire to devour the soldiers who had come to lead him to the king. So you eat the fruit out of your mouth. And death and life are at the mercy of your language, and you can reap life if you like.

Jesus Christ as an example

Jesus Christ hid his mouth a lot on earth. For example, he cursed a fig tree and withered from the root. And many times he healed the sick and saved the oppressed with his mouth. Interestingly, the centured understood this power of the mouth. And he asked Christ to simply utter the words, and his servant would recover, and everything was as he said.

Attack the virus with your mouth

Therefore, following all hygiene procedures, you should attack this virus with your mouth. And don’t let him attack you with fear, but attack fear with words from your mouth. God, I’m sorry!

What are you talking about?

Always speak in faith what the word of God says. Truly, the word of God has never failed, so you will never go wrong in saying what the word says. So, find out what God says about your protection from all your troubles and fears, and start explaining it about yourself and your loved ones. Also declare the same against the virus.

Examples from Psalm 91

I won’t be harmed, and this scourge of COVID-19 won’t touch my house.
A thousand evils may fall on my side, ten thousand from my right hand, but it won’t touch me.
God will surely save me from the bird trap and this vile coronavirus.
I will not be afraid of the arrow flying during the day and this virus that walks in the darkness; nor the destruction lost at noon.
God will give me a long life and show me his salvation.
So do not be put off by the news that the world is spreading, but rather rejoice in the reliable resource that is at your disposal. And speak wisely with mouths that will protect you and all yours from this deadly plague. It’s definitely not for you as a child of God. And if you use this wisdom to attack this virus with your mouth, you will eat the life that is in your language.

Prayer. May God give you understanding and grace to apply the knowledge you have acquired today in the name of Jesus.

Ngozi Nwok is a teacher, speaker, counselor and author of “Peace for Money Can’t Buy” and “The Man Jesus: What You Need to Know About Christ.” She is passionate about teaching people to enjoy peace, love for God and Christian life for a more fulfilling life. Do you want a more fulfilling life?

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