re Fake Boobs Attractive? 3 Signs You May Be Wasting Your Time / Money

I’m not a woman, so I have no idea how many women are worried about their bodies.

In addition, male obsession and falling in love with women’s appearance often evoke an already burning sense of inferiority.

The fact is that if a woman’s breasts are not considered “full” or “big”, many feel uncomfortable.

And while the hourglass-shaped figure doesn’t really matter much (unlike the days when women wore whale leg corsets), the idea of big definitely matters.

This need often forces many women to have breast augmentation surgery with implants. In addition to the consequences and health, the aesthetics of this procedure have often been the subject of various consensus around the world.

The most important thing to understand is that if you artificially increase the size of your breasts, it will not be as soft, malleable and feminine as if it were natural.

This may not be news; The fact is that when you want to achieve a “bigger breast”, there can be many ways to achieve the same result … for example, wear push-up bras, etc.

In this regard, when breast augmentation, you need to consider a number of factors that may indicate that you are wasting your time/money. It is clear that the majority of women undergoing the procedure have conducted extensive research and are likely to have long-term support from a partner; if you attract a partner yourself, it will probably be a bad decision …

  1. Body image changes with age.

At 21, your perception of your “flaws” will be completely different than at 41 or older.

Of course, no young woman will ever want to think about what can happen to her body in 20 years, but it is necessary to consider the benefit (or not) of breast augmentation.

I compare it to tattoos – they look great when they’re young; as you get older, they start to fade and become ugly. Breast implants don’t, but you need to understand that the elasticity of your breasts will completely change with age.

In other words, if you base your choice (to install implants) on your current appearance, you probably get them for the wrong reasons.

Either way – if you’re really interested in getting them for your self-esteem – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that… but to go through the whole process, the problems and the need to support them, just (let’s face it) get there, attracting the attention of a young partner, you may have problems in later life.

You have to consider the long-term effects (not just the fact that “it’s a beautiful bikini” looks good on the beach).

  1. Health effects

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read the obvious health effects of surgery, etc.

However, most people do not appreciate the “peripheral” health effects of your back, skin, etc.

A number of women reported a large number of prolapses (which accelerates as implants increase), and some even reported that their implants were detached from their skin (very painful).

If you have a child, there is also the question of whether it is possible to breastfeed (some may and some may not).

The fact is that if you are seriously thinking about this procedure, be sure to check any “other” complications that may arise.

  1. They do not attract a permanent partner.

Of course, women with enlarged breasts definitely attract attention… But they’re not real.

This applies to the fact that you can engage your partner with updates, but that doesn’t mean they stay.

As a man, let me tell you in advance that you can tell if there is a job for a girl. I don’t care, but it points to some signs of his personality.

Maybe she used to feel inadequate, maybe she had to do it for the sake of work (if she wanted to be a model or actress) – or (more likely than you think) – maybe she was fishing for a millionaire.

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