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We all face difficult situations with this Covid virus. Lost loved ones, isolation and loneliness, fear and anxiety felt so much to me. Not to mention the problems of workers, nurses, nurses and everyone else who risks their lives for the benefit of others.

Fears of job losses and business closures could affect low-income families and uncertainty in the coming months. The Government has taken steps to support financial support, but this will not be enough to help all workers.

Broken relationships are fueled by high levels of stress, financial problems, business collapse or fatal loss of breadwinner, because in addition to targeting older, black and Asian communities, men seem to suffer more than women.

Marriage workers are inundated with calls, including a helpline for children. The level of violence inside has unimaginably increased.

How can we help society recover? People are prone to suicide, suffer from pain and fear, because they do not know where to turn for help. The uncertainty is compounded by the fact that there is no certainty that there will be no more bursts of the devastating virus. Some countries eradicated the virus and it struck again.

Amid all this desperation, more blacks were killed by the police in America. This injustice has resonated with societies around the world, leading to mass rallies in major cities in many countries, forcing people to defy the rules of isolation and social distancing. How will this affect the spread of the virus, it will take us a week or two to figure it out?

We need to stay strong and protect ourselves longer, communicate, and find peace in nature during our daily walks. I’m lucky to have a garden. I’m not stuck in an apartment with a few kids.

What have I done to support myself in these difficult times? I found an online program from WHO AM I that details steps that will help you become viable and happy within 10 weeks. It helped me see the bigger picture, wake up, remember who I am.

What attracted me was the great reviews I read on the website, a lot of what I experienced was submitted, so I decided to try. I’m halfway there, and I’m much better; I am not a partner of this program, but perhaps it will help you as well.

IF YOU get lost, stuck, depressed or worried? The way out is …

The answer to suffering and depression is education, not medicine. The ability to observe your thoughts and emotions is the key to a strong and happy life. Charlie Greig is a WHO AM I teacher.

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