God’s Controversy for The End Times

Nature nourishes us and at the same time takes care of all life on Earth. If a person has a brain for meditation and meditation, he must also see the action of God’s spirit. Unfortunately, for most it is not. Religious debates continue, and few will allow them to become wiser. After my reincarnation and strong connection with the Spirit of the Universe, the only God in my power to explain the debate about the end of time.

Sometimes it leads me into a debate to find out how and why people think this way and why they ignore creation as if it were nothing. The most important facts are that what they have been taught in infancy and throughout their young lives is irreplaceable. Many parents choose not to teach their children the highest power, others subordinate them to religious concepts.

This is a scientific fact: what happens before the age of seven stays with a person for life. At this age, the brain is developed and tuned, and the channels that determine the future perception of a person are closely related. Unless something happens that breaks through the darkness and lets in inspiration and truth.

There is only one force strong enough to do so, and of course it is the Spirit. This allowed religion to take control of the minds of vulnerable people and carefully placed each person in the circle of their parents and circumstances to complete their plan.

Because of my experience of reincarnation and communication with the Spirit, I have been given many answers. They are transmitted to the world on the Internet, and some of them may relate to them. Others, of course, are deeply corrupt ideologies with brainwashed, captured by fear.

Disputes escalate when religions struggle with each other. Those who cannot see beyond the dreams imprinted in them from birth are beyond the spiritual people who are part of the harvest. The latter look for answers and easily see the truth when it is shown.

Norma Holt defined spiritual children, those whom God chose to grow in spirit during the day. They were stolen by work 666 and by faith in heaven and hell, while ignoring their spiritual connection.






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