Discovering Dhaka: A Guide for First-Time Tourists

Do you want to avoid today’s hectic lifestyle? Are you ready to visit a place that is fundamentally different from the most talked about tourist attractions in the world, where even the word “exotic” will seem to you a terrible understatement? Be prepared and choose the Asian direction! Pack your bags, pack up with friends or family and book a trip to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh at a glance

Bangladesh is located in Bengal, the eastern region of Southeast Asia. Modern Bengalis speak Bengali, an Indo-Arian language also spoken by residents of West Bengal, the Indian state and parts of two other Indian states: Tripura and Assam.

Going on vacation doesn’t just give you a much needed break. Learning all about a new place is stimulating and helpful. So to make the most of your journey, take the time to explore some of the Bangladesh attractions you need to visit. Let’s start with the capital Dhaka.


The city itself is a melting pot of commercial, industrial, educational and political activities. The sight of a rickshaw in a place that stinks of progress, proves that it remains true to its heritage, and gives a certain mystery that intrigues the most mundane travelers.

Why go to Dhaka?

The most compelling reason? Dhaka offers unique experiences that are very different from western ones, and there is a place and occupation for every traveler.

The variation in old Dhaka shows Baldhi’s garden, the idea of the late Narendra Narayan Roy, the owner of Baldhi. Founded in 1904, the garden with an extensive collection of local and exotic plants will please botanists and naturalists.

If you want to escape from urban chaos, the National Botanic Gardens, spread over 205 acres of land in Mirpur, will become a quiet haven. Kill two birds (no pun!) in one shot while exploring local and foreign animals at the Dhaka zoo next to the garden.

To a historian, a lover of literature and art, as well as an amateur, start with the National Museum of Bangladesh in the suburb of Shahbag. The museum presents an interesting exhibition of paintings and sculptures of Hindu, Islamic and Buddhist periods. Nearby is a public library.

Pleasure seekers can take advantage of discounts at the spa, and shoppers can make the best shopping in Bashundhara, home to Southeast Asia’s largest shopping mall and closest to Asia’s vast shopping malls.

Where do you stay?

You have to make your priority to find a place where you can be sure of your comfort. If you have a limited budget, there are hotels that offer lower prices than usual but do not meet extremely high hygiene standards. You should also be content with amenities that offer minimal comfort.

If you can afford to spend more, see furnished apartments, guesthouses or condominiums where several clients can share their living expenses. If you combine work and leisure and spend time with colleagues in the workshop, there are luxury hotels such as Hotel Milina, located in the sixth sector of Uttaki, with qualified staff to help you plan your event.

Safety is the key

Going on a journey is almost like an adventure, and your excitement can make you forget about precautions. Keep your bags and personal belongings safe. Dhaka is a far cry from a dangerous place, but like any big bustling city, it is not completely free of crime, and tourists report cases of bag-grabbing behind the wheel of a rickshaw.

While this is not an exhaustive list of everything you can discover in Dhaka, this guide will guide you through the most important details of travel planning.

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