Wood Benefits

In that silence, the child can activate his imagination and the possibilities are endless. There is even a rainbow challenge on Pinterest to get inspired! A child wood wall lamp can build bridges, tunnels, mountains, fences, marble tracks and more. What I love about this toy is that there is a disaster, it is a wonderful disaster!

Waldorf toys can help children learn by playing by involving the head, heart and hands in natural, environmentally friendly, handmade wooden toys. It can help them develop important skills, discover who they are and discover what they like. For example, children can experiment with physics by building different structures with classic wooden blocks or learning more about geometry by manipulating toys to create their own geometric patterns. But as parents, it is up to you to decide which toys you want your kids to play with. As far as I’m concerned, I choose my baby to play with classic, organic and wooden toys.

Children can choose from realistic wooden toys that replicate real-life items, such as wood food, vehicles and household items, or from simpler ones, such as blocks and geometric shapes. Made from durable wood in Germany, this cheerful car race track with small wooden cars is perfect for Marble Run fans! In addition to developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination, beautiful colors stimulate creativity and help form the basis of early scientific thinking about strength, speed and movement. Other fun wooden toys include junior tool boxes, train games, wood food and kitchen appliances.

Instead, you’ll find them scattered across the living room floor, hidden in the backyard, and there will certainly be a few among the sofa cushions. We really can’t blame this reckless behavior, but we can buy toys that can take it. When plastic toys tend to break and become brittle, wooden toys can handle natural clothing for much longer. This makes them the perfect gift that will last a lifetime. Our organic toys are uniquely designed for small explorers, knowing that everything ends in their mouth. Organic baby toys, for example, are the best wooden toys for young children.

They are handmade with love for our talented professionals. Wooden toys generally have no ends or sharp edges, especially those made by the best craftsman, which means that your children cannot be injured while playing with them. There are so many types of children’s toys to choose from, it can be overwhelming for new parents to decide what’s best. We strongly believe in the many advantages of wooden toys, which is why we would like to introduce you to the new MORI Playtime collection This is perhaps the main reason for choosing wooden toys for babies and children than any other. As a natural renewable resource, wooden toys are much better for the environment, recyclable and biodegradable.

For example, by playing with a friend with wooden building blocks, they start to share their ideas, build new relationships, learn to listen and understand and generate empathy. I understand that these are quite expensive and the order from China is very tempting because of the price, but please don’t. Putting children in their mouths for up to about 3 years is how they feel new shapes and textures.