Top 20 Best-selling Silent Auction Items

When the silent online auction ends, announce the winners and deliver the items to you as soon as possible. Remember to thank all bidders and create an impact report on your website or event page. If you are raising money for a team, you should hold a party with a silent auction component and a live auction.

Focus your evening on the auction of team items, experiences with the team and special team-related perks. To fully understand silent auctions, you need to know how they differ from their cousins in the live auction. Apart from the lack of a fast-talking auctioneer who sets bid increases and encourages participants to compete, there are some distinct differences.

Non-profit organizations can track auction proceeds from auction items and additional donations through visual auction solutions. Snowball Fundraiser is an online fundraising platform with many software packages to choose from – including silent auction software! Their auction software builds on their current framework of affordable and easy-to-use fundraising tools, including online donation pages, text-to-give functionality, and more. When it comes to auction events, there are many variations on the idea of a popular fundraiser. Your organization can host the most traditional live auction or spice things up with a silent auction to create a discreet and competitive atmosphere. 501 auctions helps fund the growth of nonprofits across the country with our easy-to-use mobile bidding program and auction management service.

For silent auctions, the 24-hour support program offers online pre-bids, so that donors can place bids before the start of their event and increase their starting bids. The handbed mobile app and auction management platform is designed to optimize auctions of all sizes. With our online software for silent auctions, you can easily make your auction more attractive, accessible and profitable. Traditionally, quotes are written on a piece of paper during a certain period of time. With the new technology, online bids via mobile devices or kiosks provided by a fundraising company can also help to collect bids. As a rule, the moderators indicate their full name, offer and phone number on the form, which will be used if you win.

The distinction between these types of auctions arises from the work of bidders. The most important step in planning a silent auction is to choose an auction program. Participants register, bid and pay for items through the entire auction site. Organizations are still responsible for soliciting items, taking photos of items to be issued, and determining the initial bid amounts. Since these auctions take place online, the bidding period is usually longer than the in-person auction; some accept bids for a few days, others for a few weeks.

If you have previously managed auction items in a table, do not sweat. You can import your items directly from previous documents and easily add new ones to the tip top for auction online silent auction ideas charity auction software. Since 2007, 24 fundraiser has been developing software solutions for online charity auctions for non-profit organizations to make auction events more manageable.

With clickbed’s silent online auction software, your donors don’t even have to download the app to bid. All you have to do is click on a link and then you can start bidding right away. Snowball offers a powerful silent online auction software that can be added to any Snowball fundraising software plan.

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