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Angie Krause, a holistic veterinarian and pet food consultant I and Love and You, agreed that “cats like to be warm” and suggested this style of bed. Although the brand advertises that its electrical cable is “MET list for safety”, it is always best to use a heated supervised bed to avoid accidents. “Every cat needs a scratching post,” advised Tazz Latifi, owner of the pet store and the Petropolis grooming salon in Lower Manhattan. All cats love to play and their bonding time starts with playing with Kitty and her toys. The toy type “rod, hanging lures” is a big favorite for interactive play.

Another option is the Super Catnip Four-Legged Crazy Pants. This is a pants-shaped toy, made of crumpled material with two tunnels to explore. To avoid the danger of your cat choking on a toy, do not give him toys with small parts that can be torn off, such as bubbles, feathers or pompoms. Examine each toy to make sure it’s safe for your cat before you give it to you.

“Cats are territorial, so it’s important to give them a space that feels like their own,” Delgado says. “Being at the top can help cats feel safe, and if you have more than one cat, it helps them share territory.” If a traditional scratching post doesn’t match the recipient’s d├ęcor, Russo recommends this “more quirky” style. It has synthetic suede covers and a modern design with curves, but still meets the needs of cats. A more skittish cat may feel safer at the highest level, from which he can observe the room downstairs while staying out of range, and a cat looking for some peace and quiet to nap will love the closed shelter in the background. This grass kit for growing at home is a totally different player. Unlike many common houseplants, it’s actually good for your cats to consume, with vitamins, enzymes, and mild fiber.

Now that you know all about kittens and how to raise them, you are well equipped to give your new kitten a warm and welcoming home and a great life. Obviously, there’s more to your little feline friend than meets the eye. So, to help you fully appreciate how great cats are, we asked cat care professionals in Care.com, i.e. cat caretakers, interns and groomers, to share their favorite fun facts about these mystical creatures. Next, we’ve compiled a list of the 101 funniest facts about cats that you can share with your friends and family. You should provide fresh, clean water at all times and wash and refill your cat’s water bowls daily.

Ingestion of wire or rope can lead to what veterinarians call a linear foreign body. The intestines wrinkle and knots as they try to pass the wire. This results Enclosed litter box in the death of parts of the intestines that need to be surgically removed. Toys that are certified as safe for cats are a much better option for cat fun.

Shimoda, who also loves the brand, said, “I love making themed gifts from hot sauce toys with hat combination.” And yes, the included hat is for the cat. “It looks great and you can turn it around when your cat destroys one side,” he said. Before you go to the shelter, consider what cat supplies like food, toys, and litter box your new feline friend or friends need. Along with quality kitten food, make sure your kitten has easy access to clean, fresh water. Despite what you may have heard about cats enjoying a bowl of milk or cream, the fact is that cats can’t digest dairy products properly and these types of treats can lead to diarrhea, which is not a gift to any of you.

With this set of foldable travel bowls, you can be sure that they will never get stuck without food or water. If you’re wondering what cats need in a new home, all of these items are essential and should be included in your list of cat supplies. With a well-prepared home, your kitten will adapt faster and soon you will have a purring and contented best friend to pet and play with and love. Cats need to scratch, and a pole around the cat can help with that impulse. Make sure the pole has a solid base to prevent it from falling over.

My cats really like the Wave Scratcher of the same brand, made of sisal and carpet. PetFusion lounges are also a favorite, despite being a bit expensive. They are sturdy (I insisted on trying it) and look good as far as cat furniture is concerned.

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