It thrives in the attic, roof areas and ornamental shrubs. Ceiling mice generally enter buildings of hanging trees or power lines. Norwegian mice are excavators and thrive in environments where there is chaos or garbage. They are good swimmers and can enter buildings through points of arrival of sanitary installations. Rodents such as mice and rats can carry harmful diseases. Diseases can spread from rodents to humans through biting wounds, consuming or contaminated water or breathing germs from rodent urine or manure that is overturned in the air.

Although inadequate sanitation contributes to more serious rodent problems, rodent infection does not necessarily mean that sanitation is insufficient. On pig farms, it is generally impossible to exclude rodents from all available foods. But removing the shelter that rodents can use to hide, rest and nest is important for control. Periodic removal of debris and weed control around structures will reduce the amount of shelter available.

After this first step, use hunting and bait methods to get rid of the rodent population. Other types of rodents, such as a white mouse, a deer mouse, a culture mouse, a pocket mouse or bottled mice, may enter buildings, especially if they are near forested areas or fields. Rodents can look like mice, rats and squirrels are furry and cute, but they are not welcome for guests Desratização at home. Always looking for food and shelter, these pests can cause real harm to the home and can also transmit diseases. In addition, rodents reproduce very quickly, and one or two can turn into complete damage in a few weeks. Markings in which unusual noise could be established in the attic, walls and / or manure in the store, along the panels or in the attic.

An ordinary house mouse is the most common health injury, due to the sensitivity it spreads, causing asthma and allergic nose. The mouse carries a protein in his blood that can lead to these interactions in suspects. Natural predators such as snakes, falcons and owls can help control the number of rodents by feeding on mice and mice.

Mice and rats are carnivores, not carnivores and will eat seeds, fruits, cereal-based foods, meat, feces and other readily available food sources. If you locate rodents inside your home.It is best to contact the pest control specialist to remove and identify him. Having a single rodent inside the house may indicate injury.

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