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You can also choose to create an account with our lock shop, full details can be found on our website, or by following the link. Recognised for their exceptional quality and ease of use, you Schlüsseldienst Dresden can’t go wrong with turning to Genuine Lishi for all your auto locksmith tool needs. A tubular lock pick is a specialized lockpicking tool used for opening a tubular pin tumbler lock.

If it is stiff, you either set the wafer too far or did not set it far enough. A correctly set/picked wafer will retract about one depth on the reader and spring back. Lishi Tools (exactly speaking “Lishi 2in1 Decoder and Pick”) is the most effective way to unlock and decode vehicle locks whilst at the scene. The tools we supply are from the original manufacturer, ensuring quality and supply is guaranteed. Occasionally one encounters a wafer lock which expects a key that features bitting on both sides of the blade. While it can be possible to attack locks of this nature with conventional jiggler tools or rakes, many times the keyways of such locks feature…

There are tools out there that exist to do this for just about every common pin-tumbler lock, though. This fantastic 2-in-1 User Guide is a comprehensive 136 page, illustrated guide detailing how the Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 tools interact with the locks when picking and decoding. The book outlines in detail how the tool interacts with the lock, where the wafers are and are not, which way they move and which lever on the tool moves the wafer. When you purchase your Genuine Lishi product, you aren’t just buying a tool; you’re also buying the host of benefits that come with that tool. All you need to do to access these benefits is register your new pick/ decoderwith the unique serial number all authentic products come with.

Many people when starting off will use what I call Gorilla Hands and apply way too much force. In some cases, an increase of tension can be strategically used but in general keep the tension light. If you let off tension, the wafers will reset and you will have to restart the picking process. Some locks will pick more easily if you start with cut 1 and other will pick more easily at cut 5. The starting cut is up to you, but if you find that the pins move more easily at one end rather than the other, start with that end. Apply a light turning tension and move the lifter arm down until the pin sets .

If you feel any resistance, withdraw the pick and make certain that the lifter tip is all the way at the bottom of the tool tip and all the way at the back of the tool. If the pick will not enter the lock, DO NOT FORCE the pick, but rather, check for obstructions in the lock or deformities in the pick. Again, run a KW1 key blank, in and out of the lock approximately 25 times to continue to exercise the pins and springs. Run a KW1 key blank, in and out of the lock approximately 25 times to exercise the pins and springs. The Lishi 2-In-1 Tool has revolutionized the automotive locksmithing industry. Find out more about how this incredible tool came into being.

These tiny adapters allow greater flexibility of use for Lishi brand 2-in-1 style decoder lockpick tools. Lishi picks are made in different lengths for different sizes of lock. However, due to their high cost, Deviant thought it would be a good idea to…

FeaturesRevolutionary DesignPick and Decode SC, 6 Pin Keyway LocksPicks Locks With Spool & Master Pins Applications This tool works with any 6 pin lock using a SC keyway even if it has spool and master pins. Practical Lock Picking is an instructional manual that covers everything from straightforward lock picking to quick entry techniques such as shimming, bumping, and bypassing. Written by Deviant Ollam, one of the security industry’s best known lock… A Lishi pick/decoder only works when the lock has been picked to one direction. Which allows the wafers to bottom out on the walls of the cylinder, bigger the tumbler, higher the cut.

Most tubular lock picks come with a “decoder” which lets the locksmith know at what depths the pins broke the shear plane. By using the decoding key after the lock has been picked, the locksmith can cut a tubular key to the correct pin depths and thus avoid having to replace the lock. You may find it helpful to pick the lock counterclockwise then record the pin depths. Once you have an idea about how the lock is combinated, pick in the clockwise direction using the recorded depths as a guide. The reason for recording the depths is that when picking clockwise, there may be a temptation to apply more turning pressure if the lock appears to bind when picked.

I ‘m having problem using my HU66 v.2 to my locked 2001 VW Beetle. Last week I bought what seems to be one of the best purchases I had in ages, it’s the Lishi 2 in 1 user guide.

Jiggler tools have long been a favorite of pen testers, police, repossession agents, and others who seek a quick method of opening wafer locks. Filing cabinets, access panels, and even car doors are often vulnerable to attack with jiggler tools. Automotive and lever locks are considerably easier to make these tools for because of their large, lightly warded keyways. Standard pin-tumblers leave much less room for tools and have much greater variation/incompatibility between brands/models.

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