Mitzvah Photographers In Washington DC – Hear Our Story

Mitzvah Photographers In Washington DC – Hear Our Story

In life, we are always doing things for others. Whether it’s being a mother, a friend, or going to work every day – these actions bring happiness and fulfillment to our lives. However, sometimes it is hard to find the time to actually help those in need or give back something that you can ease some of someone else’s burden. That is where Mitzvah Photographers comes in!


Jewish life in Washington, D.C. revolves around the synagogue and mitzvah photography is a way to capture that life and share it with the world.

Since 2007, Mitzvah Photographers has been documenting the lives of Jewish families in the nation’s capital. Founder and photographer Deborah Lutterbeck has traveled to more than 30 synagogues and recorded more than 1,000 mitzvahs, including weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and yarmulkes being put on children’s heads.

Mitzvah Photographers was founded by Deborah Lutterbeck and is based in Washington D.C.

The Mitzvah Photographers in Washington DC

The Mitzvah Photographers in Washington DC is a group of Jewish photographers who take photos of people performing mitzvahs. The group was founded in 2014 by photographer and educator, Arielle Baskin.

Mitzvah photography is a growing trend, with people all over the world documenting their religious observances through photos. Arielle Baskin says that she was inspired to start the group after seeing a similar project online. “I really liked how the photographer captured the emotion of the moment and I thought it would be cool to do something similar with Jewish mitzvahs,” she explains.

Since its inception, the Mitzvah Photographers in Washington DC has taken photos of people performing mitzvahs at a variety of locations in D.C., including synagogues, temples, and community centres. The photographers often work together to plan shoots and work to capture the unique moments that make each mitzvah ceremony special. 

“I love that we are able to share these unique moments with people across the globe,” says Arielle Baskin. “It’s such an honour to be able to capture

Why we need your support?

Mitzvah Photographers in Washington DC is a nonprofit organization that provides professional photography and videos for Jewish ceremonies. We rely on the generosity of our supporters to keep our business running.

We are a small, volunteer-driven organization and your tax-deductible donation helps us cover the costs of equipment, software, travel expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred while working on mitzvah projects. Your donation goes a long way in helping us provide quality services to our clients.

Please consider making a donation to Mitzvah Photographers in Washington DC today. Your support will help us to continue providing high-quality services to our clients.

What will happen if Mitzvah photographers don’t reach our goal?

If we don’t reach our goal, then we won’t be able to bring the Mitzvah Photographers of Washington DC to life. We have been working on this project for over a year, and it has taken so much hard work and dedication from so many people. We would really appreciate your help in getting us over the finish line!


Mitzvah Photographers In Washington DC – Hear Our Story

We are excited to share our story with you! We started Mitzvah Photographers in Washington D.C. as a way to connect families with experienced photographers who can capture special moments for them. We know that every family is unique and deserves their own unique photography experience, so we offer a wide range of services from traditional portrait shots to capturing unique Jewish themed photos.

Our goal is to make your family’s Jewish experience one that they’ll always remember!

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