Message From the Universe: A Moment Back in Time!

“You will be shocked because one day you will look at yourself, your life and your manners and find that your idiosyncrasy, idiosyncrasy, stupidity and so-called mistakes are all your greatest assets.

Oh, my God, I had this good day when you first dreamed of me.

The Universe

So what does all this mean? I have more mistakes, is it better for my future results? Do I keep making a lot of mistakes and should it all be part of the plan? Billions of people will ruin everything, it’s part of their life plan, because no one is perfect. We will face difficult challenges because they are also part of your life path, but without all these problems you will remain the same as you are today or who you will be tomorrow. It’s ONE thing you can’t let. As we have evolved as humans, our mind and personality will continue to evolve, although we have probably reached the optimal physiological structure of what humans will be in the next million years, from our prehistoric era. In no way will our progress stop unless we all encounter Armageddon (the collision of an asteroid/comet with Earth) that will wipe humanity off our blue planet. Hopefully, NASA will work to eliminate this possibility.

We humans are made for great things. We are created on this planet to make changes to what we see and to correct errors based on our logic and common sense. There is so much injustice that needs to be corrected and corrected. The universe is a matter of balance, as is the logo of justice, which is a ladder. Everything you see or hear in the universe is made up of balance. Without it, dark energy or dark matter would not function as it does now. In our solar system, planets do not orbit the Sun as they are, and so on. Professor Stephen Hawking has always been an atheist and has refused to believe that everything you see in our universe is simply the creation of what should always have been, that no divine intervention has anything to do with what we have today.

He finally changed his mind after years of researching the subject. We cannot base all this creation on pure chance or simply on synchronicity, as scientists call it. Something out there, beyond what science can explain, has created everything you see today. Let’s face it and try to find an explanation for why it happened at this very time after the Big Bang. Like you, the universe was created from this point of singularity. which exploded because of the intense concentration of energy that created our ever-expanding universe. People have energy signatures that allow us to match one person and not to others. Are we going to explode like the universe 13.1 billion years ago? Probably not, but what we can be sure of is that we must constantly allow ourselves to accept changes in our lives, to be positive about what we are doing, to look to the future with enthusiasm and not to allow ourselves to determine what we have gone through our past experiences. Today.

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