How To Use Crystals

There are two ways to choose a crystal, with its intuition or depending on the intention. If you’re not sure what you want to work on, one of our favorite ways is to let your stones lead you by directing your intuition to the energies you need. While it looks like you are picking up your crystals, glass experts often say the crystal chooses you instead of the other way around. They attract your attention and attract you with their dazzling colors or shapes and patterns from another world.

Some crystals are perfectly charming, especially with a morning beam of sunlight shining through them. Some are very complicated, while others have incredible colors and patterns. In ancient times, there was no separation between magic and medicine.

When a crystal has been used for a long period of time or has been in a very energetic space, the energy of the crystals can stagnate and the natural vibrations decrease. Not all crystals need to be charged or cleaned, as some do not hold or absorb negative energy. For cleaning or loading, please consult our glass guide to help you decide which crystals to buy and when / how to clean. For centuries, ancient healers, sages, and civilizations have resorted to the power of crystals because of their healing properties. In every corner of the distant world, people rejoiced at the idea of crystal healing.

Healing crystals benefit from the elements that give life to the earth and the universe. By using the energy of the sun, moon and oceans, semi-precious stones connect us with universal energy as soon as we come into contact with it. While the Energy Muse Crystal Guide contains useful ideas, it is equally important that you consciously try to open your heart and mind to the power of crystal healing when working with these stones. As soon as you begin to unlock the unique power of crystals, your crystalline healing journey will be filled with beautiful, mysterious and unique crystals that will make your world vibrate.

When you feel scattered or lost, meditating with crystals at certain points in your body or even just holding a crystal in your palms can help you return to the center. First, add the benefit of a facial sculptor to your skincare routine, which stimulates circulation and fixes muscles that come off as you age. Second, this healing stone helps relieve tension, stress and anxiety and promote feelings of happiness and emotional well-being. Use it in the morning to reduce swelling and remove toxins by massaging it in an upward and external movement from the neck area, to move the chin, cheeks and around the eye area.

Amethyst crystal is one of the most powerful stones to increase intuition and connection to itself and to create a calm and relaxed environment to calm stress, worry or tension. It is another powerful cleaning stone because it guarantees a positive vibrational current between you and other rocks in your collection, making it an ideal crystal for beginners. This crystal cleanses and purifies your energy, your other stones and your environment so that everything vibrates with the highest frequency. However, some crystals are damaged by water (a general rule: do not use water to clean a stone under a 7 onMohs mineral hardness scale).

Let your crystals and healing stones become an integral part of your family environment. Placing stones in a room where people spend time makes much better use than packing and packing them for a better time or when you feel you know more. Crystals and healing stones can be used for the benefit of the body, mind, spirit, house, country, pets and planet.

Apart from this ancient tradition, this symbol is often displayed on the body, which represents the chakras. The idea is to place a crystal or healing stone at the location of the circles in the image. You can choose the stones based on the colors associated with the chakras described above. You can also use all kinds of stone, for example transparent or pink quartz.

These strong energetic forces of quartz crystals are believed to connect to energy sources far beyond this planet. These factors make this versatile and beautiful crystal a wise and powerful addition to any collection. The energy and frequency of healing stones and crystals can be crystal rings combined with essential oils of therapeutic quality. Choosing an oil and glass that will improve the desired result can be done through research or intuition. If you don’t meditate but are attracted to learning more, meditation is a simple and practical way to calm your mind.

In particular, it is believed that vibrations made with sound help to break any negative energy trapped in crystals, and the musical frequency of the process restores the harmony of the crystal. Stain is an ancient cleansing method used in many cultures to clean items, chambers and other negative energy things. Alternative health professionals believe that the surrounding crystals with smoke and the passage of the crystals through the smoke help to clean them. One of the oldest methods of crystal cleansing is to use the energies of the sun or moon. When your glass becomes a bit opaque in appearance or effectiveness, the best way to clean it is to return it to natural light.

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