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If you’re attending with kids, try to go on family days or after hours so that large, noisy crowds don’t intimidate. There is always plenty to do at the Theresienwiese. But there are also moments at the world’s biggest folk festival oktoberfest when it is a bit quieter and quieter. The Oktoberfest barometer shows for each day how busy the Wiesn is expected to be. At Oktoberfest, you’ll eat, drink, and have fun as if you were celebrating your cousin’s wedding!

Whether you just don’t like beer, are gluten intolerant, you prefer wine, you name it… Oktoberfest is 100% achievable by just walking without warning, but also slowly parading and waving your arms because you are at Oktoberfest! In short, you don’t need beer tent reservations to attend Oktoberfest. And honestly, it’s an unnecessary headache that I wouldn’t even interfere with.

I hope you’re excited, because Oktoberfest in Munich is undoubtedly one of the best parties in the world. That said, there are common misconceptions about Oktoberfest and a lot of stupid mistakes that beginners often make. Every year, more than 4,000 objects end up in lost objects.

Personally, I don’t encourage much to ride Oktoberfest, but there are some exceptions. For example, a trip through the giant Ferris wheel is the best way to truly understand the enormity of Oktoberfest and offers incredible views. But this trip is relatively expensive, so save it for Family Day. Check out my resources page for the best companies to use when you travel. I make a list of all the ones I use to save money when I’m on the go.

Wiesn in the pocket of his Lederhosen or Dirndl is in the form of the official application of the Oktoberfest of the city of Munich. Yes, but on Saturday, Sunday, October 2 and October 3, “German Unity Day”, strollers are not allowed all day. On the other days of Oktoberfest, this stroller ban applies from 18:00. However, security personnel can check the strollers.

In most years, the Oide Wiesn takes place south of that street, behind the Ferris wheel. This is another separate festival with three larger beer tents and several historical sites. Although it’s actually a fairly new event, the Oide Wiesn offers a quieter, more traditional atmosphere than the actual Oktoberfest.

Outside the beer tents, the atmosphere is like a big state fair. The main road consists of a long main road where all the main shops are located. Through the center there is an open space with food stalls where you can get pretzels, shots of brandy and bratwursts, etc. A traditional Oktoberfest dress for women is called dirndl, and for men it is called lederhosen.

In the shops if you can get a table, you can enjoy a wide range of traditional German dishes. If you have too much beer but are still in the mood to drink, head to Weinzelt, this is the wine tent. Pschorr-Bräurosl is one of the most traditional shops and has been managed by the Heide family for seven generations. Munich Oktoberfest is the beer festival that any other beer festival would like to be, so be sure to check out our Oktoberfest 2023 tours and packages for the time of your life.

One of the best things about this property is that it is very close to the fairgrounds. When Oktoberfest started, it was a small beer stall outside where locals stood enjoying horse racing. Whether you’ve been to Oktoberfest a million times or this is your first time, this Oktoberfest guide will prepare you for your best oktoberfest trip yet. Expect to eat lots of sausages and pretzels at Oktoberfest.

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