Bearded Dragon Food: The Science of How to Feed and Care for Your Dragon

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Introduction: B Beards is a new podcast that discusses the science of how to care for your dragon. Starting with the basics, you will learn about what food to feed your dragon, when and how to take care of your dragon, and more. You’ll also find out about the various beard styles for dragons, and what products are available to help keep your dragon looking its best. Whether you have a small or large dragon, don’t miss this informative podcast!

How to Feed a Bearded Dragon.

Bearded dragons are a type of dragon that has a beard. They are also known as bearded dragons, but this is not their official name. Bearded dragons eat a variety of things, but the most popular food they eat is insects. Insects are small and have a hard time going through the large intestine of other creatures, so they need to go through a special process to be eaten properly by bearded dragons.

What Types of Food Do Bearded Dragons Eat.

There are three main types of food that bearded dragons eat: live prey, dead prey, and plant-based prey. Live prey means that the bearding dragon takes care of the animal itself- it doesn’t have to eat it. Dead prey means that the bearded dragon has killed an animal and put it in its stomach where it will die soon after eating it. Plant-based prey means that the bearding dragon eats plants or mealworms instead of insects.

The best way to feed your bearded dragon is to make sure he has plenty of fresh air and water available to him all day long so he can eat his favorite food: insects! Make sure your house is well-lit so you can see your bearded dragon when he’s eating, and make sure he has plenty of toys and playtime to keep him entertained while he eats his fill!

How to care for a Bearded Dragon.

Bathtime is a time when all dragon owners should schedule. Before bathing your dragon, it is important to clean their respiratory system and skin with soap, water, and a mild shampoo. You may also want to dry them off with a light towel.

You will also want to give them a good diet in order to keep their skin healthy, fur soft, and free of bacteria. A bearded dragon’s diet should consist mostly of fresh vegetables, fruits, and yes – beards! Bearded dragons that are not fed regularly will often become sickly or develop health problems such as fungal overgrowth or even tumors on their beards. Your focus should always be on keeping your bearded dragon healthy so they can enjoy life to the fullest!

Section 2. How to Feed and Clean a Bearded Dragon.

Bathing your bearded dragon takes some simple steps: pour some water onto the ground where your beardie is going to lay down (or use an ice pack if you have one), add enough food for yourbeardie to eat (such as fresh vegetables, fruits, or pellets), put the ice pack on top of him/her until the bath is complete (to avoid any heat from burning his/her skin), and wait for him/her to drink from the bowl! Once they are fully bathed, take them out of the tub and hand-feed them fresh vegetables until they are full. Be sure not too give them too many pellets at once as this can lead to sickness or overfeeding.

How to get the most out of your Bearded Dragon.

The diet of a bearded dragon is important to their health and well-being. To feed your dragon the right food, you’ll need to understand their diet and know what ingredients are in it.

In general, a bearded dragon’s diet consists of live prey (fruits, vegetables, animals), Insects, lizards or other reptiles, and sometimes water. The prey should be fresh and free from parasites or diseases. In addition, the diet should be high in protein to help provide muscle growth.

Find the Right Bearded Dragon Food.

There are many different types of bearded dragon food available on the market today. To find the right food for your dragon, you’ll need to research which type of dish they enjoy and how much they eat per day. You can also look into feeding pellets instead of live prey as this will give your dragon a consistent source of nutrients throughout their day. adjustable cages are also great for keeping bearded dragons fed and safe while on vacation!


Bearded Dragons are one of the most popular pet animals in the world. They can be very fun to have around and make great companions, but they need special care when caring for them. By understanding their diet and finding the right Bearded Dragon food, you can provide your beardie with the best life possible. Use the right tools for the job and ensure that he gets all he needs from his food and environment.

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