10 Best Luxury Unusual Things To Do

It’s a great way to see everything in one day without spending a lot of money. It is also a conservative country and the locals respect clothes. Long-sleeved trousers and shirts are recommended, as are closed-ended shoes. When visiting local religious sites, especially mosques, women should cover their hair and not wear clothes shown on their shoulders. Such a simple and light scarf is small and can be used if necessary.

Read more about the benefits of hiring a private guide in Egypt here. For those who have sailed before or are concerned about the idea that a cruise is too big and suffocating; do not worry. Nile cruises are smaller river boats and are more designed to sightseeing and enjoy their surroundings rather than having fun. Boats dock at various stops along the Nile for guests to get off and explore, then offer scenic cruises through parts of the day so they can enjoy the view as well.

It is not enough to go out in one day: you need at least three days to fully enjoy the beauty of everything Luxor has to offer. There is a reason why many tourists still flock to Egypt despite the 1997 bombing. Take a great memorable balloon ride across ancient historical sites in Luxor, such as The Valley of the Kings, the Hatshepsut Temple… Enjoy crossing the desert from Hurghada to Luxor to visit the great temples of Karnak and cross the Nile to visit the Valley of the Kings, the Hatshepsut Temple and the Colossians…

Luxor is an interesting city, with the Temple of Luxor, the traditional souk and the Nile Promenade in the heart of the city, but it is mainly used as a base for day trips on the Nile to see archaeological sites. I’ve spent a few days taking it easy as it can be very hot and the valleys are a priceless place in warm weather. Here I have collected my favorite things to experience in Luxor, Egypt. There are several day trips to Luxor that you can participate in, but for the best I highly recommend the tour “A Day Tour to Luxor from East to West Bank”. This tour takes you to all the tourist attractions of the East and West Bank in Luxor with plenty of time at any location.

Unlike many tours of the Valley of the Kings, this route also enters Tutankhamun’s tomb, as well as three other graves in the Valley of the Kings with fascinating works of art. Sail high over the famous monuments of Luxor during a balloon ride at sunrise. You will receive unparalleled aerial photos and photos, as your private guide provides an insightful story.

But take off, with the sun on the East Bank, the green field of the Nile below you and the colorful balloons around you is more than magical. The Nile sees the countless temples, graves and valleys below and is strongly delineated between green fields and a gloomy, sandy desert, the awake villages and the people riding their donkeys is simply amazing. We flew for an hour, not lost, but there was a lot to see. We landed right next to an excavation site and distributed archaeologists who were not happy, but were clearly very used to the morning show.

A trip to Luxor, even if you are not an archaeologist, can be a once in a lifetime experience. Luxor is said to be the most extraordinary open-air museum and consists of one third of the monuments in the world. It was massage in Hurghada a city that was sacred for a long time and the capital of ancient Egypt. Many of his citizens worshiped the gods of ancient Egypt here, and the place houses the coronation and burial of several Egyptian pharaohs.

Meals are served on board, often buffet style, and there is usually a kind of nighttime entertainment option. The Nile cruise is not only a great way to get from Luxor to Aswan, but it is also ideal to meet other travelers and even locals who choose to take Nile Cruises for their vacation. Cross the Nile to the West Bank and visit some graves in the world famous Valley of the Kings. It continues towards the least visited but very beautiful Valley of the Nobles, with some of the best graves from the rock in the necropolis of Theban. The huge and well-preserved Ramses III mortuary temple in Medinet Habu is his next stop.

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