What Side Effects Can Occur With Bio-identical Hormone Therapy?

Short-term hormone replacement therapy is safe for most who use HRT for symptom monitoring. Before prescribing HST, however, you should contact your Hearthside Medicine healthcare provider. Together we can decide whether you have hereditary health conditions or risks that would make HST unsafe for you.

It means that hormones are chemically identical to those of the human body, which is why some are considered more natural than non-identical hormones (also called “synthetic” hormones). However, one should not make the mistake of thinking that the bio-identical comes Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me without possible side effects or adverse effects. Several studies have even shown that breast cancer risk decreases by 30% in women who start bio-identical HRT for estrogen and progesterone defects when they enter menopause and continue long-term treatment.

While improving health in the long run is no longer an indication of menopausal hormone therapy, evidence that it supports fewer side effects in younger women, combined with its overall high effectiveness, has strengthened its usefulness for short-term treatment of menopause complaints. Menopausal therapy is provided not only by commercially available products, but also by the composition or creation of an individualized preparation in response to a healthcare provider’s prescription to create a drug tailored to the specialized needs of an individual patient. Not only is there a lack of evidence to support claims of superiority of compound bioidentical hormones over conventional menopausal hormone therapy, but these claims also pose the additional risks of varying purity and potency and lack efficacy and safety data. In addition, analysis of the material used to promote BHT suggests that professionals, instead of basing hormonal doses on saliva results, adjust the dose based on symptoms.

In addition, in a recent study, these patients experienced a recurrence of breast cancer that was not above average, suggesting that ASIHB is a safe and effective treatment for these patients. BHT proponents have claimed that commonly formulated BHT preparations are not commercially available; This is incorrect as there are many FDA-approved hormonal preparations containing bio-identical molecules available as proprietary or generic brands. The exception is estriol, used in the composite bio-identical preparations Triest and Biest: in 2008 the FDA banned estriol until a new medication application was completed; These preparations are not approved by the FDA or Health Canada.

Like all medicines, bio-identical hormone therapy has some potential side effects to consider, although they are generally mild and temporary. Use this useful information from the award-winning Body Bar MD team in Carmel and Terre Haute, IN, led by a board-certified physician and wellness expert Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson (aka Dra. Christy), to better understand the potential side effects and benefits of BHRT Salivaris cortisol is very useful, but unfortunately it offers bad tests for other hormones like testosterone. It can be helpful in controlling progesterone levels in women who are not receiving hormone replacement therapy. Some doctors try to use saliva tests only because it is cheaper and easier, but this is a bad option to ensure the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Breast Cancer: In the above-mentioned WHI study with synthetic hormones, mainly in people over 60, there was a slight increase in breast cancer risk in those taking estrogen-progestogen combination therapy, but not in women taking estrogen alone.