The Best Things To Do In Incheon, South Korea

This park doesn’t have much to do with it, but it reminds you of life in a country. Surrounded by migratory birds and windmills, you can certainly spend a few hours here. Alternatively, you can also participate in stargazing at night as it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Constantly voted one of the world’s leading airport experiences, you may want your stopover to take longer here! Some travelers even plan to spend a full day or night here to see all the technology, food and amenities at the airport, such as gardens, a golf course and cinemas. Make the most of your time here with these 16 things you can do during a stopover at Seoul Incheon Airport. If you want to try a great Korean meal, you have to find your way to the international market of Sinpo. It is located near Sinpo-dong, an important commercial port.

He is an accountant by profession who left the business world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today Melo works as a part-time social media manager for local and international customers. His full-time work focuses 인천오피 on discovering an interesting culture, exploring different cuisines and taking memorable photos of the local and international destinations he visits. However, Incheon offers many wonderful attractions to visit before exploring the rest of South Korea.

Most people skip it because there is so much to do in Seoul. Most people don’t know where Incheon is, even if it’s the airport. Unfortunately, Incheon is quite far from everything, but what makes it great is that it is not surpassed by tourists and foreigners like Seoul.

South Korea’s fifth largest city has nearly 150 surrounding islands in the administrative district. The park has become popular with families in Songdo and Incheon and attracts visitors from the Seoul region during the day. The wooded area in the park is also filled with day tents and campers on weekends. A patio on the east side of the park has cafes and small restaurants and canoes are available to rent.

Ganghwa Island is an island northwest of the center of Incheon. It is known for hosting numerous cultural assets that range from prehistoric times to modern and contemporary times. Because the island is at the mouth of the Han River and was close to the capital of several Korean dynasties, major historical events took place on the island. For example, when the Mongols invaded the Korean continent in the mid-13th century, the island temporarily became the capital of Korea. It would be special to travel to an island with a long history. It is the first westernized park in Korea and represents the city.

Legend has it that a young scholar from Hwanghae-do province fell in love with the daughter of a district magistrate during the Goryeo Dynasty. The magistrate disapproved of their relationship and exiled their daughter to a distant island to keep them separate. The young scholar was upset by the sudden disappearance of his lover and spent countless nights wondering where he could be. One evening he dreamed of a White Crane revealing where his lover was.

This place is a package in itself as if it offers everything from sauna areas to rooftop pools. There is a full floor dedicated to food court, gyms, a playground and also bedrooms. Types of sauna areas also include salt, oxygen and coal chambers. This place also offers a minibar for a drink after one of the most relaxing baths I’ve ever had. Incheon Bridge was completed in 2009 for a total amount of € 2.45 billion and was reduced to an hour of travel times to the airport, enabling Incheon to grow as an international commercial city.