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Rothenburg, high above the Tauber River, escaped the war havoc that destroyed so many other old medieval towns and as such has retained most of its many authentic medieval buildings in their original form. As a result, impressive old structures such as the 13th-century town hall or Rathaus remain as they would have been over the centuries. The city’s rapid growth made it an important center of art and commerce, as well as a religious center. The beautiful Charlottenburg Palace is located just outside the city centre. The magnificent palace houses excellent collections of porcelain and paintings and is set amidst a picturesque palace garden right next to the River Spree. If you don’t feel like strolling in the park, you can feed your mind at charlottenburg’s museums across the street.

Visitors can climb the steps of the church towers and enjoy spectacular views of the city and skyline. If there’s one German landmark you can count on anyone to know, it’s probably Neuschwanstein Castle. This fairytale castle is one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions, attracting more than 1.3 million visitors a year.

The city of Coventry, which was stormed by the Luftwaffe, donated the golden cross for the dome of the church. Since its reopening, the Frauenkirche has been a popular tourist attraction in Dresden. The highest mountain in Germany is the Zugspitze, located above the city of Garmisch. Although the summit is a world-famous place for serious skiers, a trip to the top is worthwhile regardless of the season. Climb from a lake at the foot of the mountain aboard the Zahnradbahn, a rack railway that climbs halfway up the mountain. At the top it is possible to see the landscape of four countries at the same time.

Gourmet riverside restaurants, museums are filled with world-class art and maritime memorabilia, and the beautiful City Hall is a marvel of neo-Renaissance architecture. This baroque-style church was built in the year 1762 and is one of the most famous churches in Hamburg. The church houses a Oktoberfest 2023 132 meter high tower that can be reached by elevator. There’s also an observation deck at the top, which offers visitors fantastic views of the city’s landscape. This is a must when in Hamburg, it is one of the most important monuments of the city and the most beautiful churches in Germany.

It is a beautiful Gothic church with two huge spires of 157 meters high that dominates the skyline of the city, making it the second highest church in Europe. Today, most of the rooms in the palace house three famous museums, including the Dresden Porcelain Collection, one of the largest collections in the world. The Semper Gallery is another popular museum worth visiting, as it contains an important collection of paintings dating from the Renaissance to the Baroque, including Raphael’s The Sistine Madonna. Some of the towns on the lake are Konstanz, Friedrichshafen, Bregenz, Lindau. Eltz Castle or Burg Eltz is perhaps one of the most picturesque castles in Europe and one of the most famous monuments in Germany.