Message From the Universe: The Time and Space Continuum!

“Oh, yes, telepathy becomes second nature, levitation becomes a backup, protests become a backup, and friends instantly get to know each other, despite the millennia that divided them for a short time.

But do you know what people lack, what goes beyond time and space?

Almost all of them.

My god!
The Universe

Regardless of all your skills and talents, nothing is more important in life than your deep belief in who you are as a person. Haven’t you seen geniuses without social skills, beautiful role models with inferiority complex and much more, but still devoid of what really matters: trust and love for you? – even. They go through life, never taking themselves for people and not allowing others to dictate to them how to behave. Their relationships with members of the other sex become dependent, and they focus all their energy on making others happy. They forget who they are as human beings, and again and again fall into the same trap. Instead of learning NOT to do the same thing, they feel responsible for saving others. In the meantime, they risk their sanity and work day and night to make the other person happy, which in reality will NEVER happen. Learning to accept what you have as a person, and your limits to feel happy, should remain your top priority. It’s not selfishness, it’s reality. Find out today.

Every day you have to enjoy it as if it were the last. Why live in poverty? Why fight the inevitable? Why try to change something that can’t be changed? Why fight it? Why stay in this constant battle that will drain your energy and take you into the abyss of hell without allowing you to move forward? Stop looking at what might happen in a year’ time and focus on what will happen now, today. I’m not saying that you can teach your mind to think this way in a day or two, but you should start practicing this approach as soon as possible.


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