How Many Catholic Pedophile Priests Are Serving Jail Time?

The facts are that the RCC was founded by paedophile bishops who appear in the paintings of Nicae Cathedral, each accompanied by their sexual partner-boy. This is the very cathedral on which Constantine founded religion on the basis of a huge lie.

The Bible condemns religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular. This is a quote from the prophecy: “For God has put in their hearts to fulfill His will, and to agree, and to give his kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. That you are that great city (Foliant) reigning over the kings of the earth.” Revelation 17:17, 18

The beast is the second, and its number – 666, is Constantine, who founded the Catholic Church and rules Rome over the kings of the then known Earth. As for the woman, it is Mary, the Babylonian name of the sun, which was stylized as a woman and placed in religion by the emperor as the mother of God.

“And on her forehead she had a name inscribed: TAIN, BABYLON GREAT, AND ABOUT EARTH. REVELATION 7: 5.

This is the only passage that is emphasized in the Bible because of its importance. Mary is at the heart of the “marriage” and the priests marry Mary at ordination, and all nuns receive this title on their own behalf so that priests can have sex with them. Stories of sexual misconduct in the church, the murder of infants and even nuns are shocking and disturbing.

George Pell is as much a victim of religion as the children he abused. All who practice this religion are under the rule of 666 and the Roman Empire, which survived thanks to this organization. Hieronymus wrote the New Testament, based on the invention of Jesus Christ by Constantine. He took the name of the Spirit “Jesus” and gave it to the painting. So, he sits in churches like the Son of God, because he created an image and made everyone worship him. Revelation 13: 12-18.

Christianity was put not by God, but by Constantine. He built the Vatican, which also marked the beginning of the Muslim branch through Augustine, Bishop of Hippopotamus. Each religion originates in the cult of the sun, and the rituals and symbols of Babylon are represented in costumes, ceremonies, celebrations and laws of each.

Catholic robes are decorated with the Star of the Burning Sun, and their instruments have the same symbol. The proof is everywhere and thus proves that the allegations made here are true. Since priests are tried for paedophilia, the church has little time to release them.

Norma Holt explored how governments are part of the world order and the establishment created by the holder of the number 666. Her work and legacy open her eyes, and the reason for this is revealed and included in God’s plan. to finish the earth as we know it.


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