5 Great Silent Auction Ideas And Buying Tips

Spending time with members of that team is something completely different. Even if the team is in a different city, consider asking the organization if you can auction off time with team members to raise money for your cause. Just a few minutes in the locker room after a workout is enough to entice people to bid on this charity auction item. These are unique experiences and great opportunities for younger people in the community to experience firsthand what a specific profession looks like. If you’re organizing a school fundraiser, you can include a day with a popular coach or principal in the silent auction. For adults, it can be a glimpse of something they’ve always been interested in or time with someone they admire.

Check out our list of silent auction basket names if you’re ready to be more creative than the standard wine and dinner date night. If you’re looking for silent auction basket ideas, here are 500 basket theme ideas and fun names for your auction baskets. Discover hundreds of auction basket ideas for men, teens, kids, teachers, fun evenings, and more.

While you don’t have to put the latest gadgets and popular items in all of your baskets, being aware of cultural trends can help you find unique additions to your gift baskets. This strategy works with in-person events such as live and silent auctions and is a must for virtual fundraising and online auctions. With mobile bidding you open your auction to a much wider audience, essential for attracting online followers and increasing your support in the future. The list shows 15 items, as popular categories are displayed multiple times, as explained below.

The streaming platform’s gift cards are a great option for a comfortable evening, or opt for movie gift cards for those who want to see the latest hits on the big screen. Furry Friends: For dog or cat owners at their silent auction, include some must-have pet toys and treats in this animal lover gift basket. Healthy cookies, stuffed animals, cute bowls of food and water, and maybe a laser pointer or two will surely satisfy the animals in their lives. For people, add a cup with leg print and some gourmet snacks so that everyone in the house always has a treat on hand. A gift card to the local pet salon or supply store is also a great addition to this gift basket for charity.

Your eye-catching auction items will cause your guests to stumble upon themselves to bid, so make the bidding process as efficient as possible. Invest in auction software that offers features like real-time bidding with a mobile, web-based interface. With the right resources, you can elevate your fundraiser from the average auction experience to a streamlined event that leaves a lasting impression on your auction guests. Given the differences between live and silent auctions, the fundraising ideas that drive events differ. That means the best silent auction items aren’t necessarily the same as the pieces you could put on stage during a live show.

This demographic may like a basket of “ultimate sports fan.” Or they prefer an “eco-living” kit that they can use to introduce their friends to their purpose. These silent auction basket ideas for baseball fans are a fun and unique way to contribute to an organization’s fundraising event. A variety of carefully selected silent auction baskets will be the centerpiece of your auction.

While that’s the case, it’s not uncommon to see silent auction items or nearby facsimiles in-game at a live or online auction. Music Lovers: For music lovers at their silent auction, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or gift cards for music streaming platforms are fantastic gift basket ideas. A more experiential basket can include concert tickets and Silent Auction Package Ideas music lessons to provide your guests with unique opportunities that they will cherish for a lifetime. Like other silent auction basket or theme packs ideas, a staycation package is a flexible way to offer your guests exciting items and generate more bids. Let’s say you’re part of an environmental nonprofit that plans to hold a live auction event.

Art and culture items are great cornerstones of larger live auction packages. Tickets for the opening of a major exhibition at the local art museum can be combined with dinner reservations and transport for the evening. Be creative in packaging your items in ways that generate more excitement, but make sure they remain fairly valued for your event’s target donors. Movie Night: A lucky winner takes his movie nights to the next level with this silent auction item.

One night, you might need a bottle of bubbly, a few glasses of champagne, and a romantic movie. Or, for those looking for a sumptuous night, add a gift card for a local restaurant or an overnight stay at a boutique hotel in the city center. So, this post not only provides some silent auction basket ideas for baseball fans, but also ideas for handmade baseball-related items that you can create to add an extra special touch. The Handbid team compiled a list of creative ideas for auction baskets.

Finally, it’s a good idea to figure out in advance how items from your auction will reach your guests, especially if you’re hosting a virtual silent auction. We recommend that you work with a local courier to set shipping expectations and then include shipping costs in your initial auction bid. If it’s an item that may raise shipping concerns, let your bidders know that shipping is included in the auction item description.

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